To improve and efficiently provide faster transportation of livestock which according to the Kitui County Administration translates to higher value and more money for livestock farmers and traders, Governor Ngilu has introduced the Kitui Livestock Transportation Trucks to kick off operations soonest across the county.

These Trucks have been specially modified and fitted to efficiently and effectively transport livestock in a double-decker fashion.

The trucks will be a game-changer in how livestock traders and farmers access markets and slaughterhouses/abattoirs within and outside Kitui county.

The Livestock transportation trucks will shorten the time it takes to access markets, ensure that livestock that arrives at abattoirs is of good quality and higher weight.

The overall result for livestock farmers and traders in Kitui county is that they will not only cut costs and save money but also fetch higher prices for their livestock thus increasing their earnings. – This is Wealth creation on another level.

Article by Dennis Omwange – Communications Officer, Office of the Governor.


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