Dr.William Ruto held talks with faith leaders led by Bishop Daniel Nzioka and others from Kitui,Makueni and Machakos counties;

Gradually, Dp Ruto has tightened his grip in some Ukambani regions especially Kitui County with scheduled meetings to take place in Makueni and Machakos Counties.

But how is the tactful DP making inroads in Former Vice Presidents’ backyard?

Through his mobilization skills with the help of our leaders, DP has helped reach the people in grassroots.

DP is empowering youths and women by buying them work equipment like wheelbarrows, motorbikes, and sewing machines.

The compassionate act of deputy president William Ruto has touched thousands of people, especially in Ukambani.

Donations to the poor families and street children has left the Kamba region in dilemma, what they’ve never seen since the Former Vice president took over the helm of kingpinship.

DP through Tycoon Johnstone Muthama is mobilizing and meeting all aspiring Kamba leaders from every position in the three counties.

Deputy President has accommodated all Kamba leaders no matter from which political diversity only to shape up the future of the politics of Ukambani.


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