Famous Kamba Traditional Vocalist Musyoka Wa Maiyu Accused of Defrauding All Kitui Gubernatorial Aspirants

Wa Maiyu as famously known across Ukambani is an elite vocalist who thrives during the electioneering period with his well-crafted spoken word-like hits.

You will remember him with his famous “Mathiko ma Kanu” hit back in 2002  which meant the burial of the KANU regime.

With less controversy on his name, Mr. Maiyu has been exposed for defrauding at least the 4 main Kitui County gubernatorial aspirants promising them support during and after the 2022 campaigns.

He went to Ngilu endorsed her saying kitui has been healed politically! he later went back to Musila endorsed him with all manner of Verbs and adjectives, he later went to DP Ruto sung all the way to heaven and hell, and endorsed Jonathan Mueke for Kitui seat less than three weeks ago. – Blogger Yoana Kimwele Posted

Yoana, who attached an image of Wa Maiyu with the former Governor Dr. Julius Malombe to prove his points alluded that the elderly soloist is using his influence to get financial tokens from all these aspirants, making the most out of them during this peak season.

He is now Courting Dr. Malombe trying to penetrate his leg to him – Added Blogger

Kitui Daylight is more interested to know where the man’s faith is and who, among the four horses. We have reached out to Wa Maiyu with hopes that he can clear the air on the matter.

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