Raila Left in Cold as UhuRuto Meeting Settles For A None Contested Referendum

What exactly should be the ideal driver of the BBI if not bringing people together to have a common ground on governance issues? “create a united nation for all Kenyans living today, and all future generations”, at least that is what everyone was told.

The alleged Wednesday evening meeting between The President and his Deputy has charged up political influencers across the country, more now with the latest revelation on its content as hinted by Hon Moses Kuria, the right-hand man of the deputy president William Ruto.

At this point, everything points to a possible amendment of the document before the collection of signatures which was scheduled to take place on Thursday 19th of November 2020. This is contrary to the ODM Leader directives which suggested that the document can not, and will not be amended further.

Immediately after the said high table meeting between the two leaders, Gatundu Member of Parliament Hon Moses Kuria revealed that both have had an agreement for dialogue and consensus on the BBI, something that locked out PM Raila Odinga who has remained unmoved on either of the two options.

“I am elated that the President and his Deputy are on the same page on this. I pray that my good friend Raila Odinga will embrace dialogue and consensus so we finish this journey as a united nation,” Said Moses Kuria.

He added that Hubris, bravado, or brinkmanship will not help the country move on and that leaders must be honest if they wanted BBI to unite the country.

Having consensus and resolution of some of the document’s contentious issues is the key to seeing all Kenyans support the process in a non contested referendum. He added

While remaining critical to the process, the legislator expressed his worries on why it is one tribe out of the 42 Kenyan tribes which is excited about having a contested referendum and the BBI as it currently is.

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