The budding former Nairobi Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke has been up and down inflicting serious talking points amongst the youth, women and Kitui County professionals on matters leadership, some too painful for the current regime and it’s supporters to engage on.

The 44-year old son of soil refutes the notion that youth are leaders of tomorrow saying that the future is today, now. The claim commonly used by politicians is an old-school thought according to Mr. Mueke.

It has been a long age tradition that We the youth are leaders of tomorrow. The future however is now and since power is not given, it is ours for the taking”. Says Jonathan Mueke

Guided by the fact that Kitui County is largely populated by the youth with over 70%, Mueke seeks to convince them that he is best suited for the management of the county resources.

On various occasions, he has been quoted pleading with the young people across the county to break from what he calls an old age tradition to rewrite the history.

It is, therefore, my humble request, that we break from this age-old tradition and forge a new chapter to rewrite the history of our great county. The mantle is ours for the taking.- Mueke quoted

Mueke joins a long list of other key aspirants across the county including the current county governor, H.E Charity Ngilu. With a youthfulness narrative, enormous experience, and well educated, Mueke says he will champion for the people’s agenda and restore the county’s socio-political and economic sanity for Kituians.

“It is against this backdrop that I’m appealing for your support to achieve a meaningful change that we all yearn for. I’ll listen to you and act as your ambassador at all times to restore the socio-political and economic sanity of our great county”. Johnathan Mueke

Pointing to the chore problems facing the county, Mueke believes that he has what it takes to lead a united society, forge an administration that inspires hope more so by creating opportunities for all.

“To build a society where peace and unity thrive. Where every resident are treated fairly regardless of their economic standing. Where leadership inspires hope and creates opportunities for its people”. Jonathan Mueke

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