List of major projects by Kitui County Governor Kaluki Ngilu

Since its inception, Kitui Daylight has never been a tool to propagate mediocre County projects. For the shortest time, we have managed to showcase some of the regime’s joke “projects” and the few which have really made an impact in the community.

Below, is a brief write-up circulating on social media explaining all Mama Ngilu’s achievements since she took over from Dr. Malombe.

MAMA anafungua KICOTEC MWINGI to train and employ many youths from the Mwingi region.

MAMA anafungua KICOTEC MUTOMO to train and employ many youth from Kitui South and its environs.

MAMA anaendelea kupeana EMPOWERMENT FUND kwa vijana na wamama waendelee na biashara zao.

MAMA ameleta BALLAST CRUSHER pale Yatta Kitui Rural ipatie mavijanaa kazi. Besides increasing revenue, Kitui county roads will be tarmacked at a fraction of the cost.

MAMA amefungua KITUI FOOD PROCESSING PLANT ya kutengeneza tomato sauce, tomato paste, ketchup na fruit juices. Kitui Horticultural farmers will have a ready market for their produce as well as value addition. This will mean more money in farmers’ pockets.

MAMA alileta KCHIC ikaweka overo 120,000 families under health insurance cover.

MAMA analeta UHC in partnership with NHIF to put over 130,000 families under health insurance cover.

MAMA analeta LIVESTOCK TRANSPORTATION TRUCKS kusaidia livestock farmers and traders.

Have you felt any impact from the above completed and ongoing projects? Share your thoughts on the reply section below.

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