Suspicious Client Kills His Taxi Driver

A quagmire engulfs Kabete town in Kiambu county after a taxi driver was found dead in his client’s house. The incident transpired on 29th December.

The security personnel is investigating a scenario where the body of a taxi driver was found in what is believed to be the client’s residence. It’s still not clear what took place on the reported incidence.

The neighbors reported having heard the noise from the man’s house. This prompted them to alert the police who responded swiftly. Though when they reached the suspect had already vamoosed.

“We have been told the suspect has lived in the house for three months, so we want to find him for questioning on the matter,” an officer explained

The eyewitness reported that the suspect tried to take off with the vehicle but it failed to start. This is a norm as many taxi owners have resorted to installing cut-outs in their vehicles.

The police have launched an investigation and manhunt for the suspect while the body of the taxi driver moved to a nearby mortuary.

The cases of taxi drivers being abducted, murdered, or hijacked have been rampant and in the spotlight.

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