Rioting Mwingi Based Youth Influencers Call For Mbee Nzei Rejection in 2022

Youth from Mwingi North are lamenting and calling out the county Government of Kitui for neglecting them in various capacities since 2017.

In the last four months, many youth groupings across the county have waited for the fulfillment of the promises made to them by the County Boss when she was campaigning and after taking control of the office – in vain.

Their attempts to reach out and inquire about any viable projects that can be undertaken by them have landed on deaf ears of those close to the Governor, many of whom have continuously prevented access to the decision-making individuals for selfish gains.

Kitui County tendering process has for the period benefited those close, or related to the Governor, the same individuals have hindered the youth from various parts of the county from getting any Government tenders, leaving the youth with no other option but to give up and “wait for the next general elections”.

Where are the TENDERS meant for the youths – Kali Kimanzi goes unresponded to in one of the leading county forums

The youth population in Kitui County stands slightly above 70% of the County population, still, the group remains the most neglected, exploited, and vulnerable across the age bracket.

A number of vocal youthful activists are now asking the majority of the county population to wake up, demand what is is rightfully theirs, and call out the “Mbee Nzei” regime to action.

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