Despite Heavy Investment in Politician Sponsored Football Tournaments, There is Little To Show for the Youth

Today, netizens from Kitui County woke up in a sporty mood following the widely popularized football tournaments across the region led by the Mwingi West Member of Parliament Charles Nguna whose CCN Cup ranks as the best in the region.

Unlike any other days, netizens did not seem to have anything good to say about the growing football tournament schemes which have so far become the best platform for politicians to grow their popularity across their regions.

I think Govt should do an evaluation, what we have achieved with tournaments and how we can work on it to make it better and empowering tool. we need to think! Posted one member

Many held on the view that our youths have been for a long time treated with the theatrics of football tournaments in the guise of empowerment.

Why is this so called “empowerment” only leaned on tournaments and after tournaments because one is aiming something in return that’s that. Empowerment over!

Does it mean that being a football fanatic should be used by the politicians as an avenue to “empower” the majority electorates from their regions?

I’m a big fan of sports, almost everybody loves a certain sport but that should not be construed as “empowerment’ in our social-economic, and environmental setup.

The question on how to empower the youth has always been answered differently across the political class but not once, do any of them point out considering the youth on tenders, jobs and position appointments and any other economic activities to put money in the young person’s pockets to sustainably build their life’s been considered “empowerment”.

How can you tell a youth of about 28 years with a wife and 2 kids to sustain his family and life affairs through tournaments which are only done on a specific period for a certain goal?

To most of the professionals who took part in the morning conversation, many if not all of these tournaments are simply just for fun and social bonding, there is nothing about empowering the youth about them.

If you guys are so passionate about youth empowerment, real youth empowerment..Tell me one KITUI parliamentarian who brought just 5 youth to KENYA PORTS AUTHORITY from 2016 to 2019 when it was having 5000 jobs for recruitment after its expansion to Lamu,Nairobi,kisumu and naivasha then I will agree to your tournament empowerment.

Netizens were quick to point out flaws and politicians’ undoings using their tournaments guised under youth empowerment. What they thought might make more sense while successfully allowing politicians to invest in the talent hunt locally.

If we as leaders mean genuinely well for these youths..lets start with sports diversification with short term and long term goal.

But then how do they diversify the sports sector in the region?

Aim Olympics,sports academies. Mark you,who said it’s only Kalenjins who can ran and go to Olympics alone??? Kambas are good runners but where is the structure to build that capacity and make kambas dominate Olympics?


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