The heartbreaking thread shared by one Catherine Wambua has turned social media to a pool of tears. The now grieving lady has been left without any form of strength after losing her father courtesy of unreliable Kitui Referral Hospital.

Catherine’s father had a kidney problem which needed emergency¬†dialysis, on taking him to the nearest referral hospital (Kitui General Hospital), they turned him down because his oxygen was extremely low.

It was extremely hard to come to terms with the fact that non of the Kitui County hospital was well equipped to admit suspected Covid 19 patients but the family had to take their patient elsewhere. They opted for a Private Jordan Hospital, in the same region where he got admitted and put on oxygen.

The hospital said that they could not do anything else to the patient until he gets a covid 19 test which could only be done at a General hospital. The back and forth process had made the patient’s breathing problem to worsen.

On arriving back to the Kitui General hospital, the doctors advised that he needed to be admitted right away, only to come back again to say the hospital was incapable of handling his case and needed to take him elsewhere.

At the end of it, the family came to realize that Kitui General Hospital was unable to admit the patient due to a lack of PPEs. In a county where Kicotec has been manufacturing and selling PPE kits across the country, it is not able to facilitate the same to their medical practitioners to treat covid 19.



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