Tension at KICOTEC After Kitui County Public Accounts Committee Flags Over Sh. 39,500,000 (39.5MILLION) Money THEFT.

There is a reported tension at the offices of Kitui based garment center – Kicotec following the massive fraudulent deals amounting to over Ksh. 39.5M unmasked by the County Public Accounts Committee.

Governor Ngilu’s only project has been caught up in some of the county’s biggest scams and embarrassing money theft, fraudulent deals, corruption, and utter disregard to accountability.

After the conclusion of their report, the committee, shocked by the massive irregularities, resolved to invite the Auditor General to further investigate the obvious blatant theft of the public funds.

Kicotec has been receiving annual funding from the County Government and as such it should operate at utmost transparency, free from privatization and unaccountability.

The committee noted with concern that there are irregular and unaccountable sums of money wired to individual’s accounts, irregular tender awarding, and more shocking, instead of the production industry being named KICOTEC as per the papers, it is named Syongila Youth polytechnic. This implies that this is a private entity made to root public money.

The godown (KICOTEC) management could not provide details of their current assets, money collection COLLECTED FROM SALES, and banking details.

Details of overpriced products and lack of PROPER bookkeeping was an obvious exodus of all their intentional malpractices to loot the firm through proxy and cartels operations.


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