The name of the lady in the above picture is Emily Kiio. Madam Emily is a resident of Yatta Kwa Vonza. She supplies, on a daily basis, food to the young men and women that work at the Kitui Youth Development Centre in Manyenyoni.

Today while on duty at Manyenyoni, I had a candid chat with Emily. Emily described to me how the Manyenyoni center has helped her make a decent income that she uses to feed her children and even pay for school fees.

Emily indicated to me that before Governor Ngilu operationalized the Manyenyoni center Emily had challenges feeding her family as she did not have any source of income.

The young people at Manyenyoni love her food and indicated to me that since Emily delivers food to them at the center, they save valuable time, otherwise they would have to travel to Kitui town in search of food.

Emily is a replica of many prosperity stories across Kitui that are never told enough times. People whose lives have been transformed as a result of Governor Ngilu’s development projects.

At the Manyenyoni center, Kyuma kalava from Zombe and Christine Mawia peter from Mulango also supply food, drinks, and snacks to young men and women. They support their families with the income they earn.

At KICOTEC in syongilla there are several Emilies that support the over 700 employees with food, drinks, and snacks. At the ballast crusher in Kwa Kilui the prosperity story is the same. Soon at the KICOTEC in Mutomo and Mwingi more employment opportunities will be created.

Transforming lives just requires leadership that thinks outside the box. Governor Ngilu is providing the right leadership in Kitui County

Article by Fatuma Ngesa – Governor Ngilu’s WhatsApp Advisor


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