Ngilu’s Livestock Transportation Project an Egg on Her Face, Absolute Garbage With Zero Feasibility Study

The imaginary garbage distributed across all Kitui County forums as facts is facing outright trashing by the majority of Kitui County social media users with a small percentage of County Ministers and officers backing the laughable venture.

Their allegations from the county communications team is again putting Governor Ngilu in a very embarrassing spot by her team of big brains failing to come up with any convincing and easy-to-pull-through projects ahead of the 2022 General elections.

Many have questioned whether there was any feasibility study or research that supports their claim that we are indeed losing over Ksh. 3.1 billion annually.

A Warthog gesture is an unrealistic and pure joke, who did the feasibility study to support the believe of the idea ie the projected net income from the project? Ideas in believe are not ideas in facts. How much has the county been collecting as cess from the trekking or from the whole livestock business in Kitui to warrant that mass investment? – Opinions of Ravas, Philip Kahindi, and tens of others

The critics of Mbee Nzei Government continued to question about the number of  livestock farmers benefited from mass livestock upgrading of Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe of 2019

The payback period of this project has been an issue wildly discussed as well as the break even of this project and the projected number of farmers to benefit from the project factually.

The costly spending on buying these trucks and subsequently packing them at some yards for a fee as the executive awaits for the county assembly to legislate on the matter is also an issue raised by the former County Deputy speaker Hon Titus Ndemwa while emphasizing on the prudent use of public money.

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