Today, we can exclusively reveal the shady dealings behind the Appropriation Bill standoff that has seen county government workers go without salary for 2 months and counting.

The standoff has been initiated by failed governor Ngilu who has vowed not to sign the passed App Bill until and unless hefty amounts of money are allocated to projects where she can easily access and swindle the funds using her cartels.

For this very reason, the outgoing governor in concert with her close-knit cartel is working on a Memorandum (amendments to the App Bill) that will be presented to the assembly for consideration.

We can authoritatively report that the rejected governor yesterday met with 5 of the Tsavo Human Cargo and implored on them to support her memorandum and also lobby their fellow human cargos to support the same.

In return, the select Tsavo Human Cargo have been promised multi-million tenders if the Memorandum is adopted by the House.

Those who met the governor at a secret rendezvous are:
1. Kasee Musya alias Ben 10, the outgoing Kisasi ward Kanzala who last week conned his way to Kalonzo’s office as a spy.

  1.  Kivali Musyoka alias Kamalisa
  2.  Katumo of Kyangwithya
  3.  Philma Kanini alias Nduku wa Kiimani.
  4.  (A Narc MCA whose identity we keep secret since he’s at times our mole)

These 5 were instructed to support the amendments to the App Bill that will see Ngilu’s corrupt health docket, Manyenyoni private entity and private business Kicotec get a lion’s share of the funding.

According to a source who is privy to the meeting, Kasee said the 5 were the Core Team that will drive the governor’s agenda and rejected the idea of incorporating the other Tsavo Human Cargos in the core team describing them as Easy meal ready to convince.

“Each of the 5 MCAs was promised lucrative tenders to thank them. They have already started lobbying their fellow clueless colleagues” disclosed our highly placed resident mole at the collapsed Mbee Nzei regime.

Meanwhile, as rejected Ngilu and Co. engages in shenanigans, Kitui’s unpaid workers continue to become destitute. The latest they can expect salary is in October!

Article Courtesy of Skymoon.


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