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Governor Ngilu

There is something queer and nerve-shattering about Charity Kaluki. As a politician, the failed and outgoing governor is known for senseless bravado, endless braggadocio, and shenzi tales that boggle the mind and hypnotize shallow thinkers who interact with her.

And once you fall close to her, there is no turning back, until you find yourself in her career cemetery which is teeming with professionals’ bones and smelly career hides. If only the professionals got the signal early enough and stormed out…before Ngilu’s voodooism sunk them six feet under!

Today in part 1 of this series, we reveal the names of the dead and whose career souls we at can only wish to rest in eternal peace!

1. Deputy Governor Wathe Nzau – he has been reduced to nothing and his blossoming career in veterinary medicine scattered in the direction of four winds.

2. Chris Ileli – Ngilu has assembled a cartel of foreign scavengers that has buried the man alive. He was meant to be the chief of staff.

3. Clement Munyithya – his career was killed on arrival when he joined as CO. He did not know what hit him until he was thrown out to be eaten by wolves.

4. Mary Nguli – She came, saw, and got killed. Misused and dumped. She was finance CEC

5. Rosaita Ngina – A fine lady whose career life was killed on arrival. Hers was a career miscarriage. She was health CEC

6. John Makau – He left his law practice to join the Juakali administration as CEC only to be tossed up like a filthy rag. The last we heard of him he was in court suing the Jezebel

7. Christopher Syengo – such a fine old man who served as CO. He left his good career in engineering only to be murdered on arrival. Today nobody knows where the old geezer is. All is phones are off. He’s battling depression somewhere in Kitui south.

8. David Kivoto – He came with lots of hope and joined as CEC education. Today even receptionists are more powerful than him. He has been made a doormat

9.Munyasya Nzese – A colorful journalist of repute and a wordsmith who served as Director of Communications. He was lured, captured, and once, inside the cage, cartels were unleashed on him. They clobbered him senseless and drove him out of town. His replacement is a hopeless dumakuwili.

10. Andrew Kisamwa Munyoki – A scribe of great excellence, he was Nzese’s junior and soon fell into the cartel hands. Like Munyasya, he was battered in the streets and hurled into space.

11. Kasee Musya – The political novice from Kisasi was ensnared with sweet tongue and devil knows what else. Before he knew it, he found himself dewhipped by his party and reduced to a mere hopeless Kanzala who survives on Ngilu’s handouts.

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