Confirming to the residents of Mutomo in Kitui South, CECM for trade Esther Kilonzi clearly pointed out that the toilet project in the area came at a cost of Sh 5.6 million Kenya Shillings.

It did not take long after her final speeches and vote of thanks from the sub-county admin identified as Kamene Ngalai that images and news about the hefty invested project flooded Kitui local forums and the discourse was sparked.

Sarcasm, disappointments, criticism, name them all rocked across all social media sites where netizens shared their opinions about the Kitui County Toilet investment that goes above water borehole projects to solve the ever-present lack of clean water in the region.

Those folks down there do not need hospitals, roads, or even water from mbee nzei. They do not need farm incentives to boost agricultural production from your makeshift administration. – Posted Skymoon in their Blogspot

Kitui daylight shared images of the event on Facebook, where the majority of our audiences could not believe it, some claiming that such was just but propaganda to taint Mbee Nzei Government as corrupt and clueless – Facts can be stubborn.

At times I wonder what are our priorities, ksh 6 million toilet project? God have mercy on our leaders. If this is not stupidity displayed in daylight what else could it be? Without food and water,mtu ataendea hiyo choo kufanya nini? Yet a water borehole could cost 1.8m with all installations serving 3 or so villages. So 6m would drill 3 or thereabout boreholes. – Daniel Katee laments

Someone asked what they’ll be taking to the landmark choo if their stomachs are still empty -Isaack Mutinda joked

Congratulations on the self-flushing toilet that looks for those who want to help themselves – Lilly Njagi condoles with Kituians

What is this? The toilet is worthy 250k… No wonder the place has lagged behind. In the majority of the elected are just politicians but not leaders. – Matthew Mutua crying

These are just but a portion of what is happening on Facebook, the conversation is hot on WhatsApp forums as the Mbee Nzei bloggers and supporters have so far run into hiding with no justification for the blatant theft portrayed.

On Twitter, blogger Patrick Safari had earlier sparked his audience with the news.


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