Netizens Applaud Justus Myello After Chewing Mali Safi Artist Rachael Kay

Minutes after the leakage of phone audio conversation between the two famous Kamba Gospel artists Justus Myello and the blazing hot Miss Rachael Kay, Team Mafisi did not waste their time to congratulate their new recruit.

Defending the stimulated arouser, members of team Mafisi applauded him for what many termed as “feasting on Mali Safi” (having intercourse with a hot girl).

Those on his side took to social media to narrate how a real man can never resist such a hottie and that the Gospel star did what any other man would have done given the opportunity.

In the lurid narrations of their runaway fornication and illicit sex, Miss Kay tried to insinuate that Myello had slept with another rickety gospel artist after their sexual relationship.

Kamba Gospel Artist Rachael Kay || Photo Courtesy

Myello completely denied the claims saying that the only artist he ever slept with was her (Miss Rachael Kay) and he used condoms because he feared she might have contracted STDs from one radio presenter – One Kavwele Junior.

Miss Kay as one would expect repulsed Myello’s claims saying that she was even ready to call him in front of Myello to confirm that she has never slept with him.

The whole drama has now turned on the entire Kamba netizens across all social media sites with team mafisi playing the lead roles with artics and memes to paint their fellow “a real ninja” in town.

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