Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna alias CNN Faces Backlash After His Timely BBI U-turn

In less than 24 hours, the budding Kitui County-based legislator had moved from “do not append your signatures” to ” we have no choice but to board the BBI train”.

A move pulled so quick that question marks were inevitable. Immediately after the launch of the BBI Signature collection, the calm and collected parliamentarian took to one of the most active forums to caution members not to append their signatures because he felt that the region had been shortchanged.

He promised to lead local legislators and other leaders to fight for at least two constituencies or the most demanded Mwingi County or both, something that clearly failed to materialize according to his earlier communication.

This evening, I have confirmed my fears, Kitui will not get a constituency and a county, I do not know how I will sell it (BBI) there, others like Makueni and Machakos have something to show but we do not. – Posted CNN

The remorseful MP went ahead to pledge his support for the document saying that although it does not have anything worth the support for the Kituians, it is the President’s project and for that, he shall support it.

BBI is set to pass, I tried my best even if it was not meant to benefit the MW but the entire Kitui County, we have got no other choice rather join the train taking us to (God knows where) as we hope to reap “other” BBIs benefits. – Concluded Hon Charles Nguna

Like hungry bees, members flooded the Mp with all sorts of opinions on what really transpired, why he and other legislators can not stand their ground to reject the document.

@Charles Nguna, is it a crime if BBI without a yes from kitui ama mtaangusha party leader? – Nzangi Eric roared

What’s sycophancy? Someone help me pls my dictionary is misplaced. – Mwangangi posed a rather sarcastic question

Remember cows referred to by railas big cow Junet Mohamed ! Even wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has his own cows 😜 – Sino James mocked the MP

BBI is a big sham and document to be supported by lazy and non forward thinking leaders! – Sammy Mailu the undesputed spokesman Larger Mwingi lamented

Ona sasa, 😭😭😭😭😭, must we support BBI because someone is supporting it 😳😳

@Charles Nguna are you okay with the bbi yourself, or you are okay with it because it’s okay with with uhuru, raila and your master kalonzo? Come clean – Kaslim was full of tears

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