When residents and activists inquired about the water problems from the current Mwingi Central MCA and the County Governments KITWASCO, they were rewarded with a barrage of insults and arrogance.

A day after Kitui Daylight reported about the Mwingi Central water crisis, residents woke up to demonstrate to the KITWASCO offices demanding answers on why they have not had water for almost a month.

Reports from the County Government Chief blogger suggested that these morning demos were led and steered by the former Mwingi central MCA who is likely using the situation to hoodwink residents – as they all do.

If Ngilu continues in this trajectory, we will not be having a government by 2022. -Ranted one resident on WhatsApp forum

The shortage and water scarcity in the region have been blamed on leaders who have failed to provide adequate water catchments.

Ukambani has streams all over and sufficient rainfalls. Our only challenge is using public funds to buy fuel guzzlers like V8 and acquire other luxuries. – Disappointed resident posted

During her 2017 campaigns, Governor Ngilu promised Mwingi residents especially women and mothers to “Ngamwauwa mitungi mwongo” which means “I shall relieve your buckets from your backs”, something which she has totally failed to do, instead, water problems have even increased during her tenure.


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