The Larger Mwingi District Has Been Marginalized By Ngilu Gvnt – Eng Francis Mulekya

Kitui county political, opinion, and religious leaders have recently come out of their comforts to address the elephant in the house, recently being the celebrated Prestige Industrial Services Limited CEO Eng. Francis Mulekya who is at the frontline battling for the Mwingi West Constituency Member of National Assembly post.

In a statement released by his communication team to the public, a skeptical Engineer reiterated the need to appeal for the Mwingi County Establishment, echoing words from Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua as earlier reported by Kitui Daylight Press. Read below.

Fellow constituents and Kenyans at large. We have been off lately embroiled in a period of the national conversation in regards to the BBI, a document that intends to amend the Kenyan Constitution.

Eng. Francis Mulekya photo||Courtesy

The larger Mwingi District has been given a raw deal in the whole process. Besides, we have been marginalized by the county government of Kitui as our area has been punctuated with fewer developments compared to the large Kitui District.

  • Kikotec project is situated in Kitui a project that milks millions of county’s money.
  • The crusher is operating from the larger Kitui District.
  • Kiambere Water project has stalled at Kitui with no prospects of distributing it to the larger Mwingi District.
  • County Government offices are headquartered in Kitui with no intention of establishing County lodges in the Larger Mwingi District.

To cure this outstanding challenge, our irreducible minimum of having Mwingi County ought to have been given careful consideration and be granted.

Typically, we have nothing to motivate us into heartily supporting BBI. For the benefit of moving forward, however, my stand would be an appeal to the larger Mwingi District to fight for the gubernatorial position in the forthcoming elections.

This is in full realization that elections are democratic processes.

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