The battle for supremacy in Ukambani is still ripe with all our current governors and a number of other elected leaders ganging against the kingpin – Kalonzo Musyoka.

Below, is a crafty long article undressing the controversial former Machakos Senator by the Kingpins foot solders.

“Months ago he narrated to us how desperate are the Ukambani governors, he described each governor with the most decorative words, one can use against political masturbators.

Anyway many Kenyans wonder when they see Muthama dissing Wiper Party Leader the Gogglebox. He’s best known as the man who has benefited immensely from the name of Kalonzo Musyoka. Kalonzo had trusted Muthama to be his negotiator. Unluckily, Muthama used the opportunity to negotiate benefit himself.

Little did we know this until Kalonzo aired Muthama’s dirty linen in a burial ceremony.

Even the irate mourners were cheesed off by Muthama and interrupted his speech. He shamelessly went back to his seat gawping at the crowd which was shouting “RESPECT KALONZO”

Muthama is an emblem of division. He emanates hatred. He has ingrained foolishness. He can’t lecture has on which presidential candidate to support. He’s always chasing his own interests. You can see how he has fattened in ODM for the last ten years. He’s bitter because Kalonzo has cut off his source of income.

It’s absolute codswallop for the millions of Kamba people trust are all right, Jack like Muthama. We won’t arse around with him.

Muthama Nestle’s behind Kalonzo to shroud the fact that he has measly support.

Muthama is bent as a nine Bob note. He’s pipetting the pockets of Ruto for no gain. He’ll only bring infinitesimal support to Ruto.

We understand that he’s a brown tongue to all wealthy politicians. Forming a party with Ruto is just a meat and two vegs. It will have a negligible effect on the support enjoyed by Kalonzo Musyoka.

Muthama has a nondescript aura. Mooching from one politician to another is, con games!

If it’s a matter of reviving old grudges, Ruto has not forgotten that you were the first person in 2017 to call him a thief.

Muthama is a certified Joe soap. He’s a barking mad. He will bog off in shame when Kalonzo Musyoka forms the next government.

Let’s treat his statement with contempt. He’s all mouthy and no trousers. His insolent behavior will consign him into Political oblivion. He will be a basket case in 2022.

Masses in the lower Eastern region are firmly behind the eminent world Diplomat, senior counsel Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka. Due to his pragmatism and genial personality.

Even the wife of Muthama, Kavindu, didn’t vote for Raila. Charity begins at home. Convincing the Kamba votes to his side is not a doddle.

Muthama can’t juggle with fighting Kalonzo, supporting Ruto, and forming a party. You’ll be jaded. Muthama is a self-confessed failure.”

We at Kitui Daylight are doing everything possible to get an hold of Hon Muthama Foot solders (if he has some) for a response. Keep it here.


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