Jonathan Mueke’s Wiper Achievements And Community Support Works When He Was The DG Nairobi County

Serving as a deputy governor in Nairobi county for any individual comes attached with various interests and expectations from various quaters. Much is expected both from your very own supporters who elected you and also, rightfully from the community where you’re rooted from.

This was the scenario faced by former deputy Governor Hon Jonathan Mueke who served as Kidero’s Deputy from 2013 to 2017 before getting ousted by the now impeached Governor Mike Sonko. How did Jonathan Mueke balance between serving Nairobians and the Kamba community during his tenure as a Deputy Governor?

On Bursaries
  • 2013, I issued bursaries worth 2.1m which benefitted 210 students at Ksh 10,000.
  • 2014 Started the Deputy Governor scholarships for secondary schools. Each student’s fee is paid for 4 years 1.3 million was disbursed benefitting over 100 students
  • 2015 gave scholarship cheques worth 1.7m plus 1.3million for the previous year. Over 200 students benefitted.
  • 2016 gave scholarship cheques worth 4.2 million over 250 children benefited.
  • Secured vocational training sponsorship from KCB whereby 83 youths were trained on different skills.
  • 510 children were assisted by a scholarship valued at 10.5 million and those who were in the program were entitled to fees every year. All that was needed was a report form and receipt of the previous payment.
  • These bursaries were disbursed through Mueke’s grassroots contacts, pastors, and sub-county chairpersons. This ensured that 90% of the beneficiaries were Kambas.
Charitable Community Support

There were only three elected leaders in Nairobi, The Deputy Governor two elected MCAs, and one nominated. Innumerable requests for financial assistance reached the deputy governor from our people.

These included funerals, hospital bills, education harambees, church harambees, self-help, and well-fare associations requests among other social needs. In his last 3 years, Mueke spent about 20 million on these charitable activities towards our people from his own personal sources.

Among the churches, he fundraised with include AIC Jericho, Ziwani, Umoja, Pipeline, Zion, and Milimani. Redeemed Gospel Church Huruma, Utawala, ABC Makadara, and Starehe.

Organizations include NAU, NGULI, Wumiisyo wa Akamba, Mbaitu Muika welfare, Kauma Well fare, and  Eastlands Biashara Sacco among others.

His support was not limited to Nairobi, he also assisted several institutions in our motherland including; Kitui county teachers retreat, schools in Matuu, Mulutu, Mui Churches in Kwa Vonza, Vyulya Mavindini, and Kitui. He also sponsored the Kitui Rugby tournament.


Mueke was actively involved in all county Government projects across the county, playing a major role in Kidero’s administration’s development scorecard.


  • Street lighting
  • construction of Nursery school block at Eastleigh Airport primary school-complete
  • Bahati/Eastleigh footbridge 9,640,910.00-complete
  • Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Public Lights at California Ward 2,472,598-compete
  • Overall renovation of Pumwani Hospital including drilling of a borehole and installation of state of the art equipment.


  • Construction of Gumba Market 60,000,000
  • Rehabilitation of Upendo Road 75,786,274 hospital ward
  • Rehabilitation of St. Martin Catholic Church Road 43,211,595

Embakasi south

  • Rehabilitation of Falcon Road 236,699,117
  • Kimondo Road

Westlands, Dagoretti,Starehe, Mathare

  • Construction of 6 Poultry units
  • Construction of 5 Rabbit units

Embakasi East

  • Public lighting within Dandora Ward


  • Rehabilitation of Dandora and Jericho Social halls

Under an organization called Ficha Uchi, Mueke donated 3700 school uniforms and emphasis has been on our strong holds. The following sub-counties have been reached.

  • Mathare
  • Kamukunji
  • Dagorretti North
  • Kibra
  • At the opening of schools, we will donate uniforms to 4 schools in Embakasi South
  • Treasurer Nairobi liquor board
  • 7 sub-county liquor chairpersons whereby 5 are Kambas
  • 11 sub-county liquor committee members whereby are 8 Kambas
  • 2 Medical Board of Mama Lucy Hospital
  • 1 medical board Pumwani Hospital
  • Nairobi water and sewerage services Chairman and one board member
  • CECM Public Health
  • 3 chief officers and 4 directors
  • 3 sub-county administrators and 16 ward administrators.
  • 1 member betting board
  • Chairman pending bills task force.
  • Increased and Sustained involvement of wiper in Nairobi Politics.
  • For the first time In Nairobi, Mueke funded and supervised the formation of the Nairobi wiper structure. This cost Ksh 500,000. The wiper structure consists of 20 members of executive, women, and Youth committees for every ward, an executive committee of 20 in every sub-county, and the county leadership making a team of 5,440 in Nairobi. The achievement was witnessed at the National Wiper delegates meeting at Kasarani. This is the first time that wiper had a structure.
  • Established Nairobi Wiper office and paid rent from August 2015 to date at a cost of Ksh 225,000 quarterly. Hired staff for the office and paid them ever since. Invited the Party Leader to Launch the office and a rally at Kwa Njenga grounds in Embakasi South. This gave vibrancy to party activities.
  • Funded voter registration mobilization in Nairobi which cost about Ksh 700,000.
  • Funded the biggest party membership registration netting about 50,000 people. This has placed Wiper on the Nairobi map.

The budding Kitui County gubernatorial aspirant was at the forefront in promoting Wiper Movement Party since his membership. His contributions to the party’s growth in Nairobi, his involvement in various projects in Ukambani have been unquestionable.

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