Mueke takes his campaigns to Kitui East as he meets influential grassroots leaders in Nzambani and Chuluni Wards

It’s a wrap! The two-day scheduled meetings at the outskirts of Kitui East came to an end today as Jonathan Mueke sets up a campaigning foundation in the highly populated constituency.

As hinted by Kitui Daylight yesterday, the highly mobile Mueke today afternoon sat on a round table with grassroots leaders from both Nzambani and Chuluni wards to listen and discuss issues affecting them and how best he can address them once he takes over from Governor Ngilu in 2022.

As I sat this afternoon and listened to grassroots leaders from Nzambani and Chuluni Wards in Kitui East, it was clear that they are in desperate need of change. – Jonathan Mueke posted online

Mueke narrated to the gathering leaders the potential that Kitui County holds and how such can be used to achieve sustainable economic stability for the region.  Mueke accused the current and past administration of failing to effectively manage our resources and their inability to make the most out of the available resources.

In conclusion, the 44-year-old former Deputy Governor assured the two ward leaders that his administration will have the capacity to positively bring change in their regions adding that he will involve all electorates in the decision making and policymaking.

Kitui county has the potential to achieve sustainable economic stability. All that’s needed is to elect leadership that has the capacity to bring positive change without fear or favor. Leadership that will ensure citizens are included in decisions and policymaking.

The congregates agreed that for this change to happen, the people must go out and register to vote in large numbers which will ensure that on election day, their voices will be heard.

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