Kitui Daylight editor and blogger Sam Lulii is a man in trouble following threats made by his area Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna to one of his close friends and relatives.

The blogger, popularly known for his criticism of the region’s most underperforming leaders including Kitui County Governor H.E Charity Ngilu will be sued for allegedly claiming that the male legislator likes men.

Fed up with the ever-growing criticism from the blogger, Hon Nguna who is famously known as CNN (Charles Nguna Ngusya) reached out to Sam’s close friend in an attempt to indirectly send a warning to the blogger that a lawsuit against him is in the making.

He has been consistently and negatively attacking me including all the projects I do but today he wrote somewhere that I’m Gay , I need him to prove that !! If my wife who’s Also in the group sees this , she will demand explanation from him , personal attacks shouldn’t be part of politics – Texted Furious MP Nguna

The ever calm CNN added that he had reached to his lawyers who have since advised him that such are great loopholes to make extra money out of malicious bloggers and he should swiftly move in speed to have him sued.

Is a serious allegations n my lawyer advises me it can cost him dearly bearing in mind how much he can pay for that – He Added

Kitui Daylight, in an attempt to resolve the issue amicably and save the blogger from unending lawsuits against the rich legislator who has investments both in Kenya and Greece, bore no fruits and the MP continuously ignored our calls and blue ticked our text messages.

The blogger has since invited the MP to sue him in any court if he so wishes, claiming that his, are just allegations that do not hold any water.

Kitui Daylight has as well, in solidarity with our editor embarked on a mission to find out whether the allegations about the MP’s sexuality are true or lies.



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