What can a seven-year-old child do? On average if it was school, which class/grade could s/he be? How much knowledge could such a child have? Your answer is as good as mine; very little.

Graham Shema, a boy in Uganda has left many tongues wagging. At the age of seven years, Shema is well versed in a field so complicated for a boy of his age. The aviation and aircraft niche.

It’s reported that Shema developed an interest in the aircraft at the age of 3 years. Shema’s role model is Elon Musk, he wants to become a pilot and an astronaut when he grows up.

What made him become interested in planes? One time, when Graham was playing outside his grandmother’s house a police helicopter flew so low. Thus blowing off his grandmother’s roof. The incident occurred at a certain village not far from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city.

The incident left him with several unanswered questions about the helicopter. Graham became curious and started ambushing her mother with several questions about airplanes and aircraft.

To ensure Graham is well-armed with that knowledge, she contacted a local aviation academy to inquire whether her son could join. Within a period of 5 months, Shema was through with it. Then later upgraded to practical lessons. He has already flown 3 times as a co-pilot just before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Shema is said to love Maths and science. He would easily answer a question directed to him by his instructor about how the engine works in an airplane. Already high ranking officials such as the German ambassador to Uganda and the transport minister have invited Shema to a meeting.

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