Ngilu Enjoys High Table Platform During Wiper’s NDC As SIDELINED Malombe Camouflages in Common Delegates Section

Wiper Democratic Movement Party has concluded their National Delegation Conference at the Kasarani gymnasium with some of its key leaders wishing they stayed back at their homes to look after their livestock.

The presence of Kitui County Governor H.E Charity Kaluki Ngilu seemingly was the most unexpected and clearly unembraced by the two Wiper Party Gubernatorial ticket stalkers – Former senator David Musila and Former Governor Dr. Julius Malombe.

Kalonzo’s joyous welcome, heartedly embracing of Mama Ngilu, and eventually providing a platform for the Narc Leader at the front table while ignoring to even acknowledge his two bulls at the back is what caused an emotional spark within their supporters.

Pictures of disgruntled Dr. Malombe have been circulating across Kitui based social media forums with Mbee Nzei government sympathizers taking advantage to mock Kyuma as he is commonly referred to by his diminishing support base.

The former governor was given a place to sit in the midst of the normal delegates, lonely with literary no one of his status next to him. The known egocentric former County boss kept silent during the entire process up until this point, he is yet to change his sitting position or utter a word.

His supporter will though have something to take home, the resilient of the disrespect, and how he managed to remain factual for hours without walking away like his character would dictate.

Malombe’s Wiper Party Ticket competitor and former Senator Bwana Meko was in attendance, although no one really saw him. Reports have it that he was among the attendees in the guise although in the guise of a mere unrecognizable Kalonzo’s friend.

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