The now-viral images from Kitui South are rendering Kitui County Government troops helpless in as far as controlling damage is a concern.

The lead Mbee Nzei Government blogger and supporter, also the local and regional most experienced PR specialist Yoana Kimwele has finally come out on the Mutomo Poop Center costs pronouncements yesterday.

As I said before, Not Everything is shared with the public, Wisdom is needed even when launching the county government projects.

Yoana who has been avoiding the subject since yesterday on almost all platforms was lowkey forced into action by the members of the most popular Kitui forum members which he has been managing since 2013 – Kitui Professional Chat.

The tactical blogger had immediately warned those who had broken the news in the forum to avoid sharing unverified news in his forum, only to change to “they are going to cost our Governor in 2022” after learning that indeed, the reports were true and factual.

Pat pls, do not set up the new minister, Ngwisi Nesa muno – Yoana Cautioning Patrick Safari, Member of KPC


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