Kituians Battle For The Single Approved Constituency, Mwingi or Kitui?

Excitement about the approval of an additional constituency in Kitui county endured for a few hours as local leaders and the region’s professional lock horns on where this constituency should be established.

Former Police Commissioner Mr. Mutua is leading the Large Kitui region on pushing for the new establishment to be in the vast Kitui South.

Mr. Mutua says that Wiper Boss Kalonzo Musyoka is in agreement that priority will be given to the people of Kitui South, something which has thwarted residents of the large Mwingi region whose irreducible minimum remained establishment of Mwingi County.

I had a great discussion with the party leader on the two issues and we reached a consensus. If Kitui county is getting an additional constituency it will have to be our share as people of Kitui south. Mutua said.

Immediately after breaking of the unconfirmed allegations, several key members of various Mwingi based forums flooded with disgust and demands, others cursing the inability of Wiper Boss Kalonzo Musyoka to steer their demands to accomplishment.

The constituency should come to Mwingi, not Kitui, we must not fight for it, let us encourage dialogue – Francis Kauta opened the discussion on one of the forums

This was followed up by opinions and comments all in displeasure about what many termed as shortchanging the people of Mwingi and the lack of their leaders’ abilities to steer the much-needed efforts to get the people’s proposals in the BBI Report.

Wacha hiyo constituency ipatikane kwanza alafu tujue kama Kitui Ndio walikua wanataka county. (Once the constituency has been estblished, we shall know who between Kitui and Mwingi needed a County) – Roared Paul Kitungu

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