April 18th, 2021, Through its communication department, Kitui County unveiled yet again another controversial project raising eyebrows across the political class and professionals in the country with governance interests.

In their opening remarks, the county communication officer reveals a shocking report that Kitui County has all along lost over Sh 3 billion annually as a result of animal trekking from one market to the other in the search of better prices.

Kitui loses Kes 3.1 billion annually as a result of our livestock trekking daily from soko to soko in search of better prices – Dennis Omwange, Kitui County Communications officer revealed

He went ahead to highlight that on a daily case, over 1000 animals (including cows, sheep, goats, maybe chickens as well) trek from one market to the other, leading to a devastating loss of weight hence reduced market value and poor quality meat.

The county government of Kitui believes that every week, we lose at least Kes. 60,000,000 and in a year we lose at least Kes. 3.1 billion from the scenario above.

To solve the problem, Governor Ngilu’s administration has come up with a plan. The county is introducing Livestock Transportation Trucks, modified to help Kitui livestock farmers and traders safely and quickly transport their livestock to various market centers.

The report clarifies that at least five of such trucks will be deployed in the areas near you (not specifies how near they will be) readily to pick your animals for transportation.

More details to follow.


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