Earlier today, residents of Kitui County woke up to the news that their Governor has penned an agreement with NHIF to fund them with Sh 300,000,000 annually to cover Musangi’s health and that of his/her family.

Governor Charity Ngilu this morning held high-level talks with a delegation from the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) led by the CEO Dr. Peter Kamunyu on the rollout of Universal Health Care (UHC) to all Kitui residents.

From what we gathered through her communication officer Dennis Omwange, the cover will seek to put over 130,000 Kitui households under NHIF and beneficiaries will be able to access medical services from facilities within and outside Kitui County.

The projected program is currently causing a stir among members of the public with many questioning the already collapsed Kitui County Health Insurance Cover popularly known as Kchic which she launched back in 2018 in the company of H.E Kalonzo Musyoka and the then Health Cabinet secretary Sicily Kariuki.

The Kitui County Health Insurance Cover,  K-CHIC was projected to providing quality and affordable healthcare to more than 270,000 households WITHIN Kitui County at a cost of Sh 1000 per household.

The new plan will see every household pay more than double of that (Sh 3000) while Ngilu’s Mbee Nzei Government pays the other half to facilitate members health cover not just within Kitui but across the country.

In one of the Kitui bases forums, members did not shy off posing questions to the Communication officer who broke the news.

You mean the idea behind Kchic died a long time ago. Did you do any feasibility study to ascertain the sustainability of the entire project? If it was/not done, do you think there is a need to carefully expend the taxman money? Guys, I don’t think the way our county is executing some of the things has a professional nod! – Ben Kimeu posed

Eric Nzangi, the ever-present, and vocal professional asked about the criteria used on selecting the intended beneficiaries of the program.

There are not any criteria… It’s for all who will want to be enrolled – Responded Malasi, one of Mbee Nzei’s communication officers.

His follow-up question on much is the county government committing to the process and whether Is it, not a cost-share program went unanswered.

Former Kitui County Assembly Speaker Hon Titus Ndeto posed a number of questions followed up by worrying pointers.

  • Who will keep that nonsense going on beyond 2022?

  • Illogical and unsustainable programs to milk public funds.

  • Dupping Kituians who had invested in kchic.

  • Any audit on kchic program before the merger with NHIF?

His assertions were closely backed up by Betty Munyao alias Nurse One, hers was more of lamenting and calling out on members to vote wisely come 2022 general elections.

Only God can rescue us from all these, again come 2022 let’s vote wisely. Imagine Kuna mtu amerenew his or her Kchic card this month then within same month anaambiwa kuwa Kchic card doesn’t exist to take NHIF card of 3000 .God have mercy on us Kitui residents. – Betty laments

Expectedly for the Mbee Nzei spare blogger Mr. Kimwele, he praised the CEC in charge of Health and Sanitation terming him as a serious professional and respected medical practitioner who will revolutionize the sector.

Kitui COUNTY CEC in charge of Health and Sanitation Dr. Kitetu is a serious and Respected medical practitioner, expect smooth operation in the health sector across the county.

We can clearly report that the debate about this issue is not going to end any time soon.


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