After learning about the crafty orchestrations by some Kitui County officers to block the appointment of Miss Maureen Nzisa as the county brand ambassador, kitui daylight editors embarked on a mission to unmask the schemish tricks and factual comments from the appointee troops as well as the – then propagated victim.

Miss Nzisa, who was seen by a number of people including some county workers crying outside the Governor’s office on the 8th of June (last Tuesday) after continuous frustrations by the secretary and dishonest from the Trade’s office on her appointment is now left with nothing but to volunteer as a county brand to maintain her brand and image.

After exploring various options including attempts to reach out directly to the 23-year-old Maureen Nzisa and her friends – non of them responded to our calls and messages.

This led to a more tactical approach to finding out whether rumors going around that the young model who has been seen several times posing with Kitui County merchandise was really yet to be officially appointed or not. The Kitui Professional Chat Forum did the magic.

Vigorous, unending inquiries to the members of the esteemed forum from Sam Lulli, finally there came a breakthrough – the most crucial response from the lady herself who confirmed that despite the blogs and publications across regional and local news blogs, she had not been paid as per the agreement she had with the Governor.

I was supposed to be paid yes but what was promised nothing was fullfilled – Nzisa claimed

Her appointment was okayed by the governor herself who gave directives to the department responsible to officially complete her appointment and hand over the letter to her, something which has not been done yet due to some reported personal issues between the model and some female county officers in the ministry of trade headed by CEC Trade and Investments Madam Esther Kilonzi.

Reports from the office of the Governor have it that her front door lady secretary has severally denied access the model after the office of the CEC Trade denied to hand her the letter of appointment despite the Governor’s directive.


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