On what was viewed by many Kitui Netizens as a non-consequential appointment by Governor Ngilu, Miss Nzisa’s appointment has for the last few days drawn attention from various stakeholders, Kitui Professionals, and residents.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu had reportedly appointed the reigning Miss SuperStar Kenya crown holder Nzisa Matulu as the Kitui county brand ambassador and pledged to support her in her career.

It is from social media publications on kituidaylight.co.ke that has sparked conversations on who she really is, what she is supposed to do in her role once the appointment has been sealed.

The conversation shifted to the most popular WhatsApp forum managed by the Kitui County Lead Blogger Mr. Yoana Kimwele where a number of members requested some audience from the 23-year-old Nzisa.

Can someone add the model here akuwe akituupdate directly – The outspoken and self-proclaimed Tseikuru Witches Association (TWA) Chairman posed.

For the first time in the forum, she heeded the request, acknowledging the support she has received from various personalities and the public since her appointment.

Among the issues, she responded to right away was her was the fierce comment posted by one Wandia Dorcus.

Nzisa the Brand Ambassador must surely stand on her ground. The Brand Ambassador is One not many. Maureen Nzisa Matulu. Let her carry her Voted Crown Alone. – Dorcus Wandia shared.

In her defense, as expected, Yoana Kimwele pleaded with the obviously disgruntled Dorcus to allow Nzisa to work with her friends without raising unnecessary bile.

Wandia Dorcas Allow Nzisa to tag along with her buddies… Mundu Umwe ndetwa Mbai (an individual cannot be called a clan). – Yoana quoted

On her response, the calm lady responded by highlighting her role as the ambassador once officially appointed, while calling out on all leaders to join hands and work together

My role as a Kitui county youth is to stand with others and empower each other. Alone I can go faster but together we can go far. I wish our leaders could support youth as it seems – outside the world would be a better place. – Nzisa Said

This statement has so far calmed the group with many opting to slide in her inbox for “more detail” about her tasks.

Good morning Miss Nzisa, greetings from Tseikuru, I am really impressed by what you are doing, lemme know if it’s okay for me to slide in your inbox for further engagement. Kali Kimanzi (TWA Chairman) said.


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