In Kenya, we cannot attain food security when all those in Agriculture are people of 60 years and above. The majority of youths have despised Agriculture to tarmac in Urban centers in such of Jobs that are very few compared to the number graduating from Colleges and Universities.

This was said by the CECM for Agriculture, Water, and Irrigation Emmanuel Kisangau, in his opening remarks in a day workshop attended by youth from different Wards of Kitui County, at Agricultural Training Centre(ATC)-Kitui today.

CECM Kisangau added that Food security posts ready market for Agricultural produce and is an area that youths should venture in and get the much-needed income.

In supporting the Agricultural sector, H.E Governor Charity Ngilu installed state-of-the-art Agriculture processing machines at Kitui Agricultural Training Centre, which ultimately will add value to Kitui Mangoes, Pawpaws, Oranges, Tomatoes, etc, to tap the increased prices for our products.

“Fair Chain Netherlands of Nando Ngandu promised to set up a Digital platform that will be able to connect farmers and market. I want to challenge you because in this platform I can see the potential you have to offer a digital extension.” CECM Kisangau asserted.

Mr. Kisangau also said, Kitui youth, has an open opportunity to change the food security narrative in the county due to their education and numbers. It should be known, food security posts a ready market for agricultural produce and should be the area that youths can venture in and get the much-needed income.

Among the speakers present was the Livestock Officer Dr. Joseph Kamonzo, NARIG Program Coordinator James Kasoi, County head of crops John Thuo and Ngandi Mutemi, and Youth promoters Nzisa Matulu and Dorcas Mumbe.

Article by Charles Muthoka


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