The nation’s attention was caught by the painful story of how Julius Wambua was framed for defilement and sentenced to life imprisonment by his wife.

Machakos high court judge Justice Odunga quashed the life sentence rule by Kithimani law courts, thus releasing Julius last week.

The Directorate of public prosecution is being awaited to file new charges against him. Justice Odunga released Wambua on bond.

After many theories were said, his ex-wife Jackline Nzilani was at Musyi FM to give out to give her part of the story.

In an interview, Nzilani denied vehemently that he fix his husband as claimed.

“Why should I lie, it’s true my husband did defile our daughter, and am even ready to stand with him in court again and testify against him,” Noted Jackline.

Nzilani stated that she never coached the girls to lie. It was the younger daughter who saw the dad on top of the older girl.

She stood her ground thus making people wonder who between her and the kids is telling the truth.

The incident allegedly happened in Mamba, Yatta sub-county of Machakos county nine years ago.

Wambua is now walking free because his two daughters recanted their statement that he indeed committed the heinous act.

The daughters still insist that they were coached by their mother to lie again


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