It’s now clear that only 5 of 40 elected MCAs accepted to sign the impeachment motion against Governor Okoth obado while the rest were nominated.

The nominated MCAs were intimidated and forced to sign the Impeachment to safeguard their nominations.

The following elected MCAs signed the impeachment motion.

1. Jacky Paul- Kanyasa ward
2.Evron Mahira- Muhuru ward
3.Georege (Rao Nyadundo)- Kakrao ward
4. Hon. Owi- central Sakwa ward
5. George Omamba- North Kanyamkago ward.

The MCAs who declined to sign the petition challenged the odm party to let them write their own petition.

They can’t be used to rubber stamp an impeachment motion Which they don’t know it’s origin and content.

I thank the rest of the MCA who refused to sign the petition for standing with people who unanimously voted H.E Okothy Obado across the 40 ward.

If any one is disputing this information then I challenge Hon. Mbadi to make public a contrary opinion. Hon. Mbadi Must provide the signed list to the media.

Impeaching Okoth Obado is not just easy, its Impossible.

Article courtesy of Obado’s supporters.


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