How Free Are The Ngilu’s Masks – Kitui Governor Exposed For Deceit & Hypocrisy

After several local media reporting on Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu’s “great gesture” of supplying “FREE masks” to our pupils and students across the county, electorates have come out to question just “how free are those masks”.

Kitui County did not meet the minimum 300-bed capacity threshold as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta in readiness for COVID19 admission of patients.

There are substantial claims that over Sh 400 million meant for Covid-19 purposes could not be accounted for by the County Administration.

Many have raised an alarm after the county leadership promised to distribute thousands of face masks across all Kitui Primary and Secondary schools ahead of the partial school reopening terming the move as a strategy to swindle Kenyans from the COVID money theft.

Am wondering how free are those masks? Are they not stitched using public funds? What about the factory where they are being stitched? Is it a “free factory” too? -A concern Kituian said

The same person continued to lament on the poor management of the national covid 19 funds allocated to Mama Ngilu’s Government questioning their lack of transparency and accountability.

Even before talking about “free masks”, has the Mbee Nzei regime accounted for the COVID funds allocated by the national government? What about those which were appropriated by the CA, how were they used? – Posed the same man.

It is evil to play with the minds of voters, leaders should always be sincere when fulfilling their mandates.

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