In a very devastating expose, Nation Media Group released a detailed reporting on alleged food poisoning to the squatters of Mwingi, Kitui County by the Mbee Nzei administration a day ago. Something which has stirred unending uproar across social media sites.

When it’s said of a careless, clueless, arrogant, and useless regime, this is exactly what was seen in this regime. – posted one resident from Mwingi West

For a while, the region residents have been complaining about the marginalization by the current leadership of Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu who after elections neglected the larger Mwingi region with her main projects staged in Kitui regions.

It is for this reason that many, led by Mwingi professionals, opinion leaders, religious and youth groups vowed to vote her out in 2022, something which may not have sat well with the incumbent and now, allegedly taking it to a notch higher to punish the defiant group.

The now homeless residents who were chased away from the Tarda lands received the flour in plenty among other foodstuffs on the 26th of last month despite the fact that the flour had expired on the 22nd of the same month.

Can it be a case of cartels and the scavengers going for free/cheap expired food and charge public funds account? This mindset of using any opportunity even if unworthy, to make a kill is not humane. Roared Hon Titus Ndemwa

The CECM Mr. Kyalo Watutu has so far claimed that the expired maize flour must have been introduced by the COUNTY Government enemies and opponents, despite the obvious footage shared by the Nation Media Group and victims.

Other notable leaders who tried to defend and protect the Mbee Nzei government at the expense of the sick Mwingi residents from Ngilu’s mess included Minority leader Hon Alex Nganga

Let’s respect our Governor as a simple of unity of our County. I know some County officers are part of this demeaning syndicate but moving forward it is intolerable – MCA Miambani Ward Alex Nganga said.

So far, the county government has ordered that all the supplied maize flour be ceased as investigations kick-off.


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