The budding KBC news anchor Purity Museo finally comes out of quarantine after completely recovering from COVID-19 which saw the celebrated journalist isolate for a whole month.

Purity tested positive for the virus on October 21st, 2020, and like anyone would, the chills and Covid stigma hit right up. Thoughts of whether she would recover or die were inevitable.

A month later, a joyous and delighted Miss Museo posted this on her social media pages followed by what even excited and surprised her entire fanbase and netizens: A book she wrote during the painful experience dubbed ‘You Will Overcome.’

The seventeen chapter book touches on various issues forewording with her dilemma immediately after this shocking news that she had tested positive for the virus – news that had then taken a toll on the anchor.

A not ending stress that could compromise her recovery progress had kicked, at stake was her ability to fight the disease and it is at this point when she started reflecting on how this virus began in China, how it has affected European countries, and how we (Africans) thought it was not our disease only for it to arrive home in February 2020.

You, Will, Overcome documents ways on how the virus has so far affected millions, killing hundreds including the heroic medical personnel, specialist, politicians, and business people. The book highlights how she covered the story until she became its victim.

The book reveals a story of hope to the covid 19 patients, survivors, and victims of any circumstances. She is reminding the world that you too can overcome, not just the virus but any hardships, challenges, struggles of life…

Purity Museo reflected on her life struggles, having lost her mother who was a single parent when she was still a little girl. She reflected on how at some point worked as a house girl just to raise her school fees up to where she is today, a respected, celebrated young woman with a whole life ahead of her.

The overall aim of this book is to encourage readers and her fans to never give up on their dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. You will overcome intends to help readers especially the young persons from poor backgrounds realize that indeed, with hard work, dedication, and discipline, anyone can become what they want.

This is a story about the girl that schooled back in the village, worked her way up against all odds, and today, she anchored news bulletin in one of the national televisions in the country – while still dreaming bigger. You can do it.


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