Professionals within and outside Mbee Nzei government are locking horns on the delayed COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD (CPSB) appointment.

The issue, recently raised on one forum by Kwa Vonza|Yatta Ward Member of County Assembly Hon John Kisangau alias Mbaki Mbaki has seen leaders of both County Executive and County Assembly members engage in a never-ending discourse.

According to the former County deputy speaker Hon Titus Ndeto, three of the currently proposed members were overwhelmingly rejected by the county assembly last time on various grounds backed by the laws governing the process.

The revelation has aroused discussions on the goodwill and the honesty behind the member’s vetting process with many of those with nothing to gain from appointments demanding sanity of the process.

It will be a matter of grave concern to know whether the individuals were cleansed in any way to qualify back. – Said Hon Titus Ndeto

Many who are in support of a fair process are questioning the fact that some names which had been rejected by the County Assembly found their way back in the list.


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