All Kitui Staff Workers To Report to Work at 6am, Ngilu Directs – Skymoon

There is agony, fear, and consternation among county government workers following Ngilu’s weird directive that all staff report to work at 6.30 am.

The directive, already dismissed by the majority as foolish has caused fear and anxiety among the staff who wonder if their reporting early would translate to Ngilu’s performance after she proved to be incompetent and a massive looter.

Just 2 days ago, several workers who had reported to work at 730am at Kitui Hospital were ordered back for ‘coming late.’

Our sources among the security guys say that this directive was issued by the new health CO Kioko Kiilu who failed spectacularly at the Water Department.

“Can you imagine 7.30 am is late for these thirsty crooks? They want us to report at 6 am. It is the most foolish and insensitive directive ever seen in public service” a staff member who suffered the ignominy of being chased away reported to us.

While terming the move as gross harassment and infringement on their rights, the workers say their job schedule is strictly 8 to 5 affair.

“Any hour beyond this is overtime and must be paid for. We are seeking redress in court over this gross violation of our rights. The governor and her incompetent cabal are crazy” charged another staff member.

After looting the county dry, and proving to be incompetent by lazing about like a log floating on water, Ngilu has now been startled from her slumber by the runaway anger among the voters who want her to face the knife.

Everybody including her staff members wants her out and possibly in jail for running a cartel administration. And to pretend to be working, she wants staff to report at their workstations at cock’s crow.

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