Two weeks ago, I narrated the pathetic situation at Tseikuru Sub County Hospital and Ikutha Level Four Hospital. I can confirm that the situation in these facilities is worse than when I visited. But Kitui Level Five Hospital is worse than them all.

Since Thursday this week, the biggest hospital in our county has been running without OXYGEN. And this is not the first time this is happening. Since Thursday, we have lost three Covid-19 patients in the facility for lack of oxygen.

The situation gets even worse; local petrol stations are reluctant to fuel a vehicle to go and collect the all-important gas from Nairobi. The oxygen suppliers are reluctant to load additional debt on Kitui County Government.

Governor Ngilu has confirmed to me that the government has a challenge with fuel but denied reports of lack of oxygen. She said a vehicle has been dispatched today to collect gas from Nairobi.

The health situation in our county is now completely out of hand. And this is not just about a situation, it is about the lives of our people.

The governor must act IMMEDIATELY to ensure a steady supply of OXYGEN in all our hospitals starting with our biggest hospital and other county referral facilities. If this situation persists, I will personally lead a delegation to H.E. President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to ask him to come to the rescue of our people.

And if anyone thinks this is politics, please go to the facility now and confirm that there is no OXYGEN and that X-ray machines and the CT-Scan have been dysfunctional for the longest period. Go to the privately-owned Imaging Centre and witness long queues of patients from the public hospital being dropped by County Government ambulances to procure X-ray services.

Article By Senator EnockWambua Kiio


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