Agribusiness Key To Food Security & Employment Avenue In Kitui – Mueke Reveals Upon Visiting Young Graduate Farmer

Mutemi, a bright youth from Kitui worked hard and attained a degree from one of the leading Universities in Kenya. After searching for and failing to get a job in Nairobi, he decided to retreat to the village in Mwingi as he thinks about what to do with his life – an inspiring story shared by Kitui County gubernatorial Aspirant Jonathan Mueke to the media.

What he found plenty in the village is one of Kitui County’s natural resources – LAND! Lots of lands. Land being a factor of production and food being scarce in Kitui, Mutemi saw an opportunity… FARMING, and he immediately embarked on it.

He struggled to find some capital, dug a 40 footwell for water, installed a drip irrigation system, and employed some farmworkers. His farm now produces watermelon, tomatoes, and pawpaw every few weeks thus making a commercial venture from this opportunity.

This young man has managed to produce lots of food in the middle of a drought in a county whose biggest problem is lack of water! He is now hustling his way to the top.

I visited Mutemi’s farm yesterday and saw for myself the practical meaning of bottom up economics.

If our government focused on empowering the ordinary farmer with subsidized inputs, ensured affordable access to capital, and facilitated a route to market for farm produce, millions of our youth would practice agribusiness and we would finally break the circle of poverty.

Article From Dr. Jonathan Mueke’s Social Media Sites

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